The Science And Concept Of Engineering And Its Different Branches

Engineering has ever existed since human minds have learned to think. It might not be a fancy word to describe it or it might not possess a professional legal body of knowledge like in modern times but it always worked in innovation and creation to better human beings’ life. It focuses on creating solutions to problems. Of course, there had been many individuals in the past who were smarter than their time, these visionaries can be called engineers. Engineering in modern times is way too far and especially focuses on digitalization and the internet mostly. It is now a crucial discipline of science that is pursued by many students over years.

The most important examples can be certain very famous institutions working on very important futuristic projects like TSN technology, predictive maintenance, AI’s, Exploration drones are some of the fantastic projects of modern engineering. Modern engineering as a subject had developed many branches, for the proper division of subject matter and interest and also particular knowledge needed. 

The Main Branches Of Modern Engineering Can Be Divided Into Following: 

  • Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is one of the prime branches of engineering. The concept of mechanical engineering is very interesting and is the basic fundamental of engineering. It is one of the oldest branches of engineering. Mechanical Engineer mostly deals with mechanical tools or machines. They built machines like generators, engines, elevators, etc.  It is a very good carrier option for people opting for engineering. Some of the leading institutions of mechanical engineers are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology also known as MIT, Stanford, IIT.

  • Electrical Engineering

It is relatively a new branch of engineering. It deals with the electrons and charges and ions of an element. It covers a variety of roles in society, from the wiring of a building and maintaining electricity in rural areas to developing broadcasting communication like TV and the telephone is all possible because of it. The future of this branch is Wi-Fi, predictive maintenance, Ethernet, TSN technology, and robotics. The biggest institution of electrical engineering is IEEE.

  • Computer Engineering

The most common and useful branch of engineering in modern times. It is a new branch and it works along with the other branches in developing systems and software through coding and software.

  • Civil Engineering

It is one of the oldest branches of engineering.  It focuses on building transportation projects, it builds roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, etc.