Reasons to Complete a Driving Record Check When Hiring New Team Members

There are a lot of important decisions that a business owner or manager will need to make on a daily basis. One of the most important of all that they may need to make can come when they are going to complete a new hire. Whenever you are going to hire someone new to your team, you will want to do all of your necessary diligence. For some positions, this can include completing a driving record check. This is particularly true if you are hiring someone for a position in which they will be operating a vehicle. There are a variety of reasons why you should complete these checks on some new hires.

Confirm Applicants can Drive

One of the main reasons that you should complete these checks is so you can confirm that the applicant is legally able to drive. You likely will ask for driver’s licenses and other information during the application stage. However, simply having a license on them does not necessarily mean they are legally able to drive a vehicle. When you complete the driving record check, you will receive confirmation that the applicant’s license is in good standing. 

See Full Criminal History

One of the advantages of completing a driving record check on a new hire is that you can see the applicant’s history of moving violations or DUIs. Employers may also want to run criminal background checks on new hires to get a more comprehensive background check that includes convictions that would not be reported on a driving record check.

Hire People You Can Trust with Vehicles

If you are hiring someone that will be driving a commercial vehicle, you will be putting a major asset in his or her hands. Due to this, you will want to ensure that you are handing over control of the vehicle to someone that you can trust. When you complete a driving background check, you will be able to identify whether they have a history of driving accidents or other negligence that can impact that trust. 

Protect Against Liability Claims

Another reason that you should complete a driving record check when hiring someone new is that it can help protect against liability claims. If you hire someone that has a history of auto accidents or negligence, you could take on substantial liability if that individual causes an accident while they are driving a company vehicle. This risk can be avoided if you complete the proper driving checks and diligence on new hires to ensure they have a clean record when it comes to driving their vehicle. 

Ensure Compliance and Best Practices

Any organization that is going to hire new team members should have a hiring compliance practice in place that they can follow. This process can include making sure that you are hiring people that are skilled and qualified to complete the job. For someone that will be operating a vehicle for their job, confirming their driving background should be a part of any compliance program. By completing these searches and driving record checks, you will ensure that you remain in full compliance with these requirements. 

As you are looking to hire a new employee to your team, completing all necessary background checks is very important. One type of check that may need to be completed from time to time is a driving record check. There are a few reasons why completing these checks should be considered a top priority. 

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