Three Reasons Settling Your Truck Accident Case Outside of Court is Better than Going to Trial

If you sustained injuries in a truck accident, you would want to get the compensation you deserve. Often, settling out of court is the best way to get what you need. Aside from material things, you also have to recover losses such as lost wages, medical costs, and pain and suffering.

A personal injury lawsuit is meant to make you whole again. Although money cannot take away your physical or emotional pain or bring back a loved one lost in the accident, the legal process will compensate you to help you get on with your life with less stress and financial worries. A settlement usually benefits all parties involved. The following are the reasons settling a truck accident lawsuit outside of court is better than going to trial:

You can Get the Compensation You Need More Quickly

It can take years for a lawsuit to get to trial and the losing party may appeal later. If there is an appeal, your case will go to a higher court and the entire process may start again and take even more time. As the trial takes place you don’t have closure and money to pay for medical expenses or other costs while you wait. You don’t have to wait this long when you settle your case outside of court. But, you should have solid representation from a great attorney you can hire from Sabbeth Law.

You Don’t Need to Testify

Should the trucking company assert that you contributed to the accident, you might have to answer questions about how the crash took place and what role you might have had. Also, you might be required to testify about the details of your physical or mental condition before and after the crash to show the judge the severity of your injury and how much money you need. Often, testifying in court can be complicated and stressful.

You Maintain Privacy

A car accident settlement can be private, including the compensation amount you recover. But, if you go to trial, your life can become an open book as everything becomes a public record. Evidence, witness testimony, and money award are available for anyone who wants to view the trial or read a transcript later. Also, it might include information about your conditions before or after the truck accident. When you settle the case outside of court, you sign a settlement agreement or a contract that usually includes a non-disclosure clause.