Whether it is sending emails of signing contracts or attending meetings to networks the digital outburst everything that was done by hands and took much manpower than necessary has been replaced however there are bits of accessories that cannot to compromised such as a business card.

five reasons why the old school business is a perpetual tool.

  1. swapping contact information digitally can get impersonal.

Genuine connections need more personal efforts than can be done digitally. Contact information sent via text or email earns points for being as convenient as it can get but the act isimpersonal. Engaging eye contact and a good conversation are how human relationships develop into something richer. The necessary information can be exchanged without hassle via business cards.

  1. most effective marketing tools.

SEO, paid media and email marketing sure are great tools to promote a brand or attract prospective leads but they still aren’t efficient as a person to person meetings along with a subtle business card exchange.

3.creating an unforgettable first impression using business cards.

Meeting a potential lead or a prospective client can go to waste if the first impression isn’t optimal. A well-designed business card does the job perfectly. It might even more long-lasting than an email or phone number.

For example, using metal business cards are a great icebreaker. A conversation never ever ends too quickly or on a bad note with a business card exchange, instead, it fuels the conversation.

  1. well-made business cards get shared and does passive marketing.

An online business card design[desain kartu nama online, which is the term in Indonesian] is not just a physical object that you leave at a business encounter. The brand stays with them.

A creatively designed business card might catch the eye of the person they are given to and that person might show it to others putting the brand in minds of more prospects.

  1. to give off a well-organized impression

Nothing throws people off more than an unprepared individual at a meeting but you can never go wrong or off handed if you carry a business card with you.

Creative designs for a business card online in Indonesia

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