The Kajabi Community as a Forum and the Creation of the Community-


The Kajabi community is one such digital platform which allows users to build a community, and many people are not aware of what the Kajabi community offers. Here you will get expert’s knowledge on kajabi and that will help you to go through everything and what all you need to know about the kajabi community, creating a community, and so on. The Kajabi community consists of kajabi community products in which members can talk about the topics that are connected to their work or business or content. It can be compared to Facebook, but there is a difference, and that is that on Facebook, people kill time, but on Kajabi, people invest their time. Let’s now look at what a kajabi community is and its modus operandi and others.

Kajabi Vs Teachable: Similar Ideas Different Implementation

Kajabi as a Forum

Some of the kajabi pricing plans are $119, $159, and $319. A kajabi community is an exclusive platform in which members can talk about common topics, and this is similar to that of Facebook. But there is a point that you should note, i.e., communities are a portion of the products under Kajabi. It also means that there are certain limitations to how many of them you can create. Many people think that the Kajabi community is a forum. But in principle, a kajabi community is somewhat similar to that of a web forum, i.e., a traditional one. This community offers its participants a forum platform to discuss matters that fall under the set subject. In behaviour and function or operationality, the kajabi community is somewhat similar to the FB group located on your kajabi website and also fixed within your business.

What Kajabi Enables-

Let’s look at the communities in Kajabi. The community feature in Kajabi allows subscribers to communicate with one another. If you are a community administrator, then you can create groups with certain topics and also include in the group learners who have enrolled in a specific course. Besides that, you can also put your community up as a distinct product and charge the connected members for contributing to or joining the community. Aside from that, you can post important and current information in the community, share general data, and promote community discussions. There are some good features within the kajabi community, and members can do certain things in the kajabi community, like talking with one another, enrolling in a learner’s course, creating and making groups on specific topics, providing community as a product, and allowing the members connected to pay and join and manage access.

Creating the Kajabi Community-

Members of the community can also share common information and promote talks and discussions. Here you will know how you can create a community in Kajabi. “Community” means a product or a digital platform which permits the members of the community to talk about relevant business topics, and this is exactly what makes kajabi a superb platform. Making a community is very easy and involves simple steps like switching to the products in the dashboard. Then click on the add new product button on the top right-hand side of the screen. Then you can click on the community through the product template options and give your community or the one that you have chosen a relevant name.

Inventive Name-

Also, always know that you should give a name to the community that is unique and not in use by someone else. It should also connect with the course or product that you intend to sell. Then, click on the save button and begin to customise your community. The goal of your community building should be to stay engaged and keep your connected members happy and interested. It is very user-friendly and simple, and you can edit and customise the community also.

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