Considerations that led us to choose Kajabi over a competing platform

Being a business owner and self-proclaimed workaholic, I want rapid responses to any problems that may arise. I’d like not have to wait until business hours to call for help, and I’d also rather not have to send an email and wait for a response over the next several days. Neither choice interests me very much.

Kajabi has the best customer support in the business. You may talk to a real person, anytime of day or night, and they’ll know the answers to 99 percent of your questions. In the ten or so minutes I’ve waited for a reply, I’ve never had a question that couldn’t be answered.

The Forefront

Owing to the rapid evolution of the internet, I sought a company that was not only ahead of the curve, but also clearly excited to keep pushing forward with novel ideas for its customers.

Kajabi is always adding new tools that will improve your productivity, online presence, and bottom line.

They provide you with straightforward video guides that explain how to use each updated feature, and they take a deliberate approach to maximising the benefits of any enhancements. Keep an eye on the kajabi pricing now.

The group is more like a network of experts.

Let’s be honest: tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people have watched an inspiring film on the subject of making money online via the sale of memberships and courses. But, they have not yet reached a level of success in life that would merit being passed on to others.

Among the most renowned groups of rivals, you could encounter ludicrous messages like “how can I make $2500 in the next 6 days?” around once every 15 minutes.

Thousands of people in the Kajabi community are willing to help one another and really have the knowledge and skills to do it.

What the Professionals Use This is almost a 3B, but it adds credibility when you find out that people you look up to and like are using the product you’re considering buying. Some of the people whose careers we have followed over the years use Kajabi, and they have provided us with a variety of extra videos, blogs, and keynotes outlining how they have grown their companies using the software’s various features.

This category includes people like Brendon Bruchard, Amy Porterfield, James Wedmore, and Billy Gene, to name just a few. There are hundreds of happy course and membership site owners using Kajabi who don’t shut up about it.


No matter how well-designed Kajabi is, there will always be some other app that you wish you could use instead. Kajabi is compatible with all the tools you already use, and it comes with instructional videos that make it easy to set up your preferred tools with no effort.

Easy Access to Technology

Were you worried about the technical details? Kajabi allows users without any coding skills to generate web assets that seem like they were made by pros. You can avoid learning how to use website building tools by not having to master membership management, lead generating, or pipeline software. You need just master Kajabi to have all of these needs met centrally and efficiently. In addition, as said in point number one, if you find yourself in a helpless situation, all you have to do is join the customer service chat, and the problem will be handled for you in a matter of minutes.