A Fine Choice for Same Day Loans

Whatever your life project (a wedding, a trip, a new car, work), it has become common to finance it via a consumer loan. In addition to its advantageous rates, consumer credit has the advantage of being able to be taken out quickly and simply. So, what documents to provide to obtain a consumer loan? Is it possible to take out a loan without proof of salary? Or when you are unemployed? So simply visit this website now.

What Is A Credit Without Proof?

Consumer credit without proof, also called “immediate credit”, is unallocated consumer credit. That is to say, it is granted to the borrower without the latter having to justify himself as to the use he will make of the funds loaned.

If it is quite possible to obtain instant credit without proof, the borrower will still have to provide some guarantees to the lender that he requests. Profile, income, and solvency these elements nevertheless enter into account when being granted an unallocated loan. The lender must indeed ensure your borrowing and repayment capacity.

Most often, the following documents are requested by the creditor organization:

  • A copy of your identity document;
  • Your last payslips (if you are an employee);
  • Your last tax statement (if you are self-employed / retired);
  • Your bank identity statement (RIB);
  • Proof of address.

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What Types Of Credits Can Be Taken Out Without Proof?

Depending on the type of consumer credit contracted, it will sometimes be possible and sometimes not at all to take it out without supporting documents: 

The affected loans (marriage credit motorcycle loan, car loan, student loan) for this loan granted to finance a predefined expense, proof will be required. For example, it could be a purchase order for a new car or a work estimate.

The personal loan or not affected: it will be here for cash loans. For this type of credit, no supporting documents have to be sent when subscribing. The borrower can decide alone on the use of the funds without providing a reason.

The revolving loans: cash reserve that is reconstituted as the borrower pays his monthly payments. For this type of loan no proof of salary or use to be provided to the lender if it is a small amount. If the amount is higher, you will not have to justify the use of the funds, on the other hand, you will surely have to prove your solvency to the lending institution.

As you will have understood, if it is possible to take out a loan without proof, it will sometimes be possible that you will be asked to justify your financial situation. These are also legally mandatory verifications for lending institutions.