7 steps for hiring the right pest control service in Austin!

Texas homes are often prone to pests, thanks to the warm weather. Bedbugs, termites, roaches, ants, rodents, mice – No matter the pest problem at hand, you need to call professional exterminators. Pests can carry diseases and cause unexpected damage to homes and properties. Instead of trying DIY hacks or waiting for the problem to just subside, you have to consider calling a professional service pest control in Austin, TX. Here are the seven steps to follow. 

  1. Call pest control services. There are many reputed exterminators working in Austin, and you have to consider calling at least a few, because you don’t know which one would respond. 
  2. Get an inspection done. Most professional pest control companies will send someone (or a team) to determine and investigate the problem at hand. Sometimes, what you may assume to be a rodent infestation could be a case of termites. This inspection is done for free and is important for the estimate. 
  3. Ask three basic questions. When you meet the pest control experts for the first time, you have to ask the following – 
  1. Are you licensed?
  2. Do you have liability insurance?
  3. Do you have an in-house team or hire people seasonally?

It is also worth knowing if a pest control company is a member of local, state, and national associations. 

  1. Discuss expertise. How long the company has been in the business of pest control in Austin? What kind of pests do they typically handle? Will they offer a few references? These are some of the basic things that must be answered. 
  2. Ask about methods. Many companies are now focusing on eco-friendly methods of pest control, where they are using products that are low on toxicity and safe for other animals. This is an important question for any client, given that anything that concerns the environment and planet concerns us. 
  3. Get an estimate. The estimate offered by a pest control company should mention all relevant information and warranties. For selected pest extermination jobs, you can expect to have a warranty after the first or second treatment. Don’t chase the cheapest price but look for valuable deal. 
  4. Ask about preventive pest control. Many companies do offer contacts for seasonal pest management, which are worthy of considering. Make sure that your contract covers most common types of infestations. 

Check online now to find the top-rated pest control services in Austin and do check their reviews in depth.